Business Intelligence

BI developement methodology

Méthodologie de développement BI
An Agile development methodology

A good development methodology is a key factor to the success of a BI project.

For this purpose, LOGIGROUP usually adopts an Agile methodology, based on the SCRUM, for its developments in Business Intelligence.

Such an approach allows to reduce the complexity of decision-making projects by defining deliverables for each Sprint, and offers a great flexibility for our clients where changes can be incorporated as the development progresses.

Also, it is important to know that other methodologies, such as the V-Model, can also be used, depending on the wishes of the client and the size of the project.

A complete transparency for our clients

Throughout the development phase, points with the client are organized, on a regular basis, to discuss the progress of the project and the desired changes, in order to ensure a complete transparency of the project's evolution

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