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Data masking

What is the purpose of Data masking ?

Today, the digital advances are making Data anonymization a very crucial element. Every company or community that owns or processes private data, must protect them for various reasons : legal compliance, ethics and security.
Data anonymization (or data masking) has been created for this purpose : It's a procedure used in behavioral and targeting marketing practices on the Internet.

This way, when personal data comes out of a secured system, the procedure is set up in order to alter it to prevent it from being diverted and reused. To help companies in this process, solutions such as IBM Optim have been created to simplify the procedure in accordance with the law provided for this purpose.

What does law 09-08 say?

To protect the personal data and to supervise the evolutions of the NTIC, Morocco has adopted the law 09-08 which aims at ensuring the protection of the natural persons in the field of the treatment of the personal and confidential data. Thus, the Moroccan legal arsenal is now equipped with a protection instrument for individuals against the abuse of data, while harmonizing the national system of protection of personal data.

How does data anonymization help respecting the law 09-08?

Data anonymization makes it possible to hide and transform the sensitive and personal data while respecting the management rules of the application. As a consequence, It will be difficult to know the private data of a person present in a database, because this data will be completely transformed or exchanged

As a result, by hiding the information used to identify data, Data anonymization helps to respect the law 0908 on the protection of personal data.

A flexible and profitable solution

IBM Optim is one of the solutions Logigoup uses for its data anonymization services. The IBM Optim solution is able to provide a central point of control to extract, alter and protect private data.

Acclaimed for its expertise in the field, IBM Optim is able to hide data on demand to ensure the privacy of databases, applications, reports, ...

Why sample his database ?

In addition to data anonymization, sampling is a procedure that allows extracting only a part of the data from the initial database, while respecting the management rules of the concerned application.
This method offers various advantages, comparing to a complete numbering, such as velocity, range and size economy. The reason behind is that sampling a database can significantly reduce its size and thus reduce the costs related to the hardware used.

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