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Offshore Software Development in Morocco

Logigroup is an offshore development company, based in Morocco, specialized in business intelligence and application development. Our goal is to provide an efficient support to companies in their software development projects.

Offshore development services considering your high standards

 Outsourcing your software development project in oder to contain your costs and to ensure the availability of human resources should not impact the quality of your project. Here is where our team, neatly composed of experts in software development, intervenes to watch carefully after respecting our clients' very specific needs. Whether for a software upgrade, a complete recast of the software, or development of a new solution, our developers are there to answer your very least requirements. 

Customized support all the way from Morocco

In order to better meet our clients' requirements, we accompany them at every step of their development project. In collaboration, we identify the expected features and precise the eventual financial and time constraints determine the costs and timelines, and eventual . As the development project progresses, we pay a particular attention to keeping our clients informed on a regular basis. At Logigroup, we believe that our IT solutions must meet the evolving needs of our clients.

A mature IT & Software development process

Our expertise in IT & Software development combined with our project approach, which is tested and approved by our clients, allows us to successfully carry out all software development missions we are confined. Furthermore, our competitive quality results, brings us a very rich portfolio of multinational clients looking for an fair price/quality ratio.

A reactive and multidisciplinary offshore team

Our team is composed with groups of multidisciplinary experienced and highly skilled developers. Thanks to the team's reactivity and efficiency, we ensure quick responses to our clients on a large scale type of projects.

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